Professional Exterior Detailing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Transform the appeal of your car with the outstanding exterior detailing services offered by Royal Mobile Detailing in Phoenix, AZ. Our skilled professionals employ advanced techniques and high-quality materials to rejuvenate and elevate every aspect of your vehicle’s look. Count on us to provide comprehensive attention that brings out your vehicle’s true brilliance, guaranteeing it stands out with a polished finish worthy of a showroom on the roads of Phoenix.
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About Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing involves a thorough process aimed at enhancing a car’s appearance. Our proficient specialists utilize innovative methods and premium materials to address imperfections, safeguard the paint, and revive the overall visual appeal. This comprehensive service ensures a radiant finish, elevating the vehicle’s appeal and longevity.

Top 3 Advantages of Exterior Detailing

Elevate your vehicle’s charm through exterior detailing. This offers several key benefits, including enhanced aesthetics, protection against the elements, and increased resale value.

Enhance Aesthetics

Exterior detailing substantially enhances aesthetics by improving paint clarity and rejuvenating overall appearance. Our meticulous technique guarantees your vehicle boasts a polished, showroom-quality finish that captivates its visual appeal on Phoenix, AZ roads.

Protect Against Elements

Exterior detailing offers robust environmental protection, shielding your vehicle’s paint from UV radiation, road salts, and pollutants. This defense not only maintains your vehicle’s cosmetic appeal but also ensures its longevity by safeguarding it from the harsh effects of the environment.

Increase Resale Value

Exterior detailing plays a significant role in boosting resale value by restoring and maintaining a vehicle’s pristine appearance. A flawlessly preserved exterior makes a lasting impression, elevating perceived value and market appeal, potentially leading to an increase in resale value.

What Exterior Detailing Offers

Exterior detailing offers a comprehensive overhaul for your vehicle. Our expert specialists enhance paint clarity and shield against environmental elements, resulting in a polished, showroom-worthy finish that catches the eye of the passersby. Beyond aesthetics, this process prolongs paint life, defends against the elements, and boosts resale value.
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Premium wash

$84.99 (Small Vehicle)  

$99.99 (Medium Size Suv)   

$115 (Large Suvs And Truck)


  • Hand wash
  • Wheels and tires deep cleaned
  • Towel dry
  • Tire shine
  • Ceramic spray for paint and rims
  • Bug remover
  • Exterior windows
  • 3 month protection
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wash and wax only

  • Foam hand wash
  • Bug remover
  • Clay bar
  • Wheels and tires deep clean
  • Exterior windows
  • Zero water spots
  • Tire shine
  • Wax applied by hand or polisher
  • Ceramic spray for rims to help reduce brake dust.

$109.99 (Small Vehicles)  

 $119.99 (Medium Size And Small Suvs)  

$129.99 (Truck)

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  • A hand wash
  • Bug removal
  • Clay bar
  • Wheels and tires deep cleaned
  • Tire shine and paste wax applied by hand or polisher
  • Ceramic spray for rims
  • Gas cap
  • Interior wipe down and on surfaces
  • Deep vacuum
  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Door jambs and steering wheel protectant cover

Small Vehicles: $129.99

Medium Size Suvs And Trucks: $149.99

Large Suvs And Trucks: $169.99


How often should exterior detailing be done?

Regular exterior detailing every 3-6 months is crucial to maintaining a flawless appearance and safeguarding against wear, depending on the level of environmental exposure.

What does exterior detailing include?

It includes cleaning, polishing, and applying protective treatments to restore and enhance a vehicle’s paint, trim, and overall exterior.

Does exterior detailing protect against environmental damage?

Protective treatments act as a shield, guarding the vehicle’s paint from UV rays, contaminants, and harsh elements, thus maintaining its appearance and structural integrity over time.

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