High-quality Aircraft/plane Detailing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Discover the top-tier aircraft detailing service in Phoenix, AZ, with Royal Mobile Detailing. Renowned for our thorough attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Royal Mobile Detailing offers premium services, including exterior washing, polishing, interior cleaning, and protective coatings. Trust us for unmatched quality and professional care, ensuring your aircraft is maintained to the highest standards and ready for every flight.

What is Aircraft/Plane Detailing?

Aircraft Detailing involves thoroughly cleaning, polishing, and maintaining a plane’s interior and exterior. This service includes exterior washing, polishing, and applying protective coatings while interior vacuuming, sanitizing, and conditioning surfaces. By keeping an aircraft in pristine condition, detailing ensures it remains visually appealing and operationally efficient.

Top 3 Advantages Of Exterior Detailing

Plane Detailing offers numerous advantages beyond simple aesthetics, providing essential maintenance that contributes to the overall performance and longevity of the aircraft.

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Enhanced Appearance

Regular detailing ensures the aircraft remains pristine, making a solid impression on passengers and clients. A clean, well-maintained aircraft reflects professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing the overall travel experience and boosting the operator's reputation.


Increased Longevity

Plane Detailing prevents the buildup of dirt, grime, and contaminants that can cause deterioration to your aircraft over time. Regular detailing extends the lifespan of exterior paint and interior materials, ensuring the plane remains in top condition for extended periods.

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Safety and Maintenance

Beyond aesthetics, detailing plays a role in the safety and maintenance of your plane. Regular inspections during detailing can uncover minor issues before they escalate. Additionally, a clean interior ensures that emergency equipment is accessible and functional.

What Aircraft/Plane Detailing Service Do We Offer?

Our comprehensive Aircraft/plane Detailing services are designed to keep your aircraft in superior condition, both inside and out. With speciality products and experienced teams, we offer a wide range of detailing solutions tailored to each aircraft’s unique needs, ensuring exceptional quality and care.

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Maintenance Package

Our basic package consists of foam handwash, vacuum, windows, and a wipe-down, ensuring your vehicle gets the essential care it needs for a clean and refreshed appearance.


  • Light hand wash 
  • Windows 
  • Rims and tires 
  • Blow out on interior 
  • Through vacuum 
  • Wipe down 
  • Door jams 
This service is recommended for vehicles that are regularly maintained throughout the year 

silver package

Our mini detail includes all services in the basic package along with steam cleaning, spray wax, plastic conditioning and dressing, windows in and out, tire shine.


  • Bug removal
  • Clay bar
  • Wheels and tires deep cleaned
  • Tire shine 
  • 6 month+ wax applied by hand or polisher
  • Ceramic spray for rims
  • Gas cap
  • Interior wipe down and on surfaces
  • Deep vacuum
  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Door jambs
  • Steering wheel protectant cover.

Royal Package


  • Blow down on interior plastics
  • Steam interior
  • Shampoo extraction
  • UV protectant for plastics
  • Leather treatment
  • Steering wheel protectant
  • Air freshener
  • Hand wash and clay bar
  • Door jambs
  • Wheels and tires deep cleaned
  • Tire shine
  • Ceramic spray for rims to help reduce brake dust
  • Trim restore
  • All in one polish to remove light swirls and provide and 6 month protection to the paint.

** Price may vary based on interior condition.

$299.99 for small vehicles 

$349.99 for medium suvs 

$399.99 for large suvs and trucks

Exterior Detailing


How often should an aircraft be detailed?

The frequency of aircraft detailing depends on usage, environmental exposure, and owner preference. Generally, a thorough detailing every 3 to 6 months is recommended, with regular maintenance cleanings in between.

How long does an aircraft detailing service take?

The time required for detailing depends on the size of the plane and the extent of the services requested. A thorough detailing can take a few hours to a full day.

Can detailing improve an aircraft's performance?

Yes, a clean and polished exterior reduces aerodynamic drag, improving fuel efficiency and overall performance. Removing dirt and grime helps maintain the aircraft’s optimal condition.

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